You want a DJ who plays good music. You want a DJ who's not cheesy and mic-happy. You want a DJ who is professional and reliable. You just want to get married and not worry about having one of those (all too common) terrible DJ stories to tell.

Relax— you’ve found your guy.

I'll tastefully set the vibe in a way that's completely customized to meet your tastes and preferences. You can have as much or as little control as you want over the music selection— I'll work closely with you to find the right balance. No matter what, I'll get people on the dance floor without being annoying.  In short, I'll bring the magic.

I'll also bring my multiple pro quality sound systems, wireless mics galore, epic but tasteful dance floor lights, and all kinds of awesomeness.

**I'll go anywhere within about 150 miles of Anacortes, including Portland, Bellingham, the mountains or the coast, Vancouver B.C., etc. Or maybe further if you wanna fly me to Hawaii or something. Or... Ohio?

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