A native of the Skagit Valley, located in the northwest corner of the United States of America, our fabled DJ hero’s life and love for music began. Sounds of early nineties car radio were the first teachers along this journey. Hits from across genres of pop, rock, and R&B; artists like Madonna, Red Hot Chile Peppers, and TLC. Oldies from the classic era 70s soul and pop. The influences were diverse, and large in number.

An early life transplanting puts our DJ in the opposite southeast corner of the country where the influences and exposure expanded. Discovering genres of rap, hip hop and independent music, further fueled the musical embers, and it was here, the first flame was show. The want to Disk Jockey compose music and lyrics, create media and entertainment was burned into his brain... Come to find out, it would take more than one burn to really leave a mark. 

With a decade long stay out east under his belt, our DJ makes his return home. It would be some years after returning that a chance opportunity (a no-show DJ) would crack open the door to sonic salvation and... the ZJ was born!

The humblest of beginnings have taken this music lover from dreams to reality, as the up and coming “DJ from the Cascades” story continues to be written.

Through the ins and outs the highs and lows, both internal and external obstacles, the strength did grow, and a hero did arose. To express with love, like gifting with a rose. Be who you are, do what you wish, pack a pencil at time to test, look at a stencil, and freehand the rest, when you’ve got a strong arm - you don’t need to flex.



ZJ Strongarm
Mobile DJ Specialist
(360) 298-3072 zach@zjstrongarm.com



  • Funkiton One System

  • Change it Radio Microphones

  • LED Spherion

  • Truss Plinths

  • Allen & Hearth Zed16fx Live Mixer

  • Turbosound TMS Stack System

  • Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus

  • Showtec FX Shot Pyrotechics